Who is the CPR Squad?

We are Dedicated to Serving Our Community

The CPR Squad is a team of highly trained, skilled healthcare professionals whose work doesn’t end when their shift is over; so we decided to teach! Our careers are dedicated to serving our community and nowcpr-squad-logo we want to share what we have learned with our students.  The skills we use on a regular basis are passed down to our students, preparing them to respond to emergency situations and help them rise to the challenge.

We service all of the Southern California communities and offer classes that can be tailored to each students specific needs.  Our goal is to accommodate you and provide an environment that is informative, but equally as fun and engaging.

If you are interested in getting a bio of the instructor servicing your area, please contact us by filling out the form. Please be sure to include some basic information in the message such as location or services needed so we can introduce you to your instructor.

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Proudly Serving the Community of Southern California