EMS Services

We Now Offer EMS Staffing Solutions!

Our staff of highly skills first responders are available to staff your public and private events.

Why use the CPR Squad instead of an ambulance? Standby services are a far less expensive option over a standby ambulance (usual costing $200-$250/hr) or paid fire department. Standby ambulances frequently get hired to be at an event but cannot actually transport a patient due to county permits. Ambulances that are permitted to transport either call a second ambulance to actually take the patient to a hospital or they leave which leaves you without medical staff while they are gone, which may postpone your event.

The CPR Squad’s EMS Services cover a variety of events such as:

  • Adventure runs
  • 5K/10K/Half Marathons
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Concerts & Nightclubs
  • Parties
  • Youth athletics
  • …and more

We can supply all the necessary equipment including tents, cots, tables, chairs and all basic life support and first aid gear. The CPR Squad keeps thorough documentation on all patients we assess and/or treat. We also do not forward any charges of equipment used to the patients we treat like most private ambulance agencies do. If any scenario exceeds the BLS capabilities of our staff and/or equipment, our team will make the appropriate transport decisions to dispatch a higher level of care.

If you are not sure our EMS staffing is necessary for your event, or you are uncertain what resources you may need, please contact us via phone or email so we may answer any questions you may have.

Local: 949-436-7277 or Toll Free: 855-557-7823 or   Send Us An Email

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