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Arthritis Foundation LogoAs a race director, the safety of my participants is paramount to a successful event. Having emergency personnel on site is a vital and mandatory aspect of sporting events. I was lucky enough to find Tyler Laughter and not only do I use the CPR Squad for every one of my events, but I recommend him to my fellow race directors as well. Working with Tyler is so easy and convenient, he knows what is necessary for the safety and protection of the participants and the organizers. It takes a lot of hands to put on an event and the best part of hiring the CPR Squad is knowing that I don’t have to do anything… I can rely on Tyler, as a true professional, to handle all the emergency/safety aspects of my races.

Laura Ouimet
Development Director
Arthritis Foundation

choc-logoCPR training at its best! I would highly recommend the CPR Squad to anyone who wants a great experience. Being a registered, I am required to renew my CPR certification every two years so I have been through plenty of classes. This time I wanted to get my family trained in CPR because my husband and I are expecting our first child. Working in the NICU, I have been first hand how important it is to know the skills of CPR. We invited Tyler into our home to put on a class and couldn’t have been happier with the service! The class was fun, informative, and we all got to learn with each other in the comfort of our own home. Any future classes I take with be with the CPR Squad!

Jennifer Bray
Registered Nurse, PICU
Childrens Hospital of Orange County

My BLS certification was about to expire in one weeks time and needed to renew it ASAP. I contacted Tyler and he was able to accommodate me and get me in quickly. I completed my training the next day!  He was very attentive and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Tyler!

Erin Gleckman
Certified Physician Assistant

I needed to re-certify my BLS for Healthcare Providers and I had been procrastinating for months. CPR training is not something I usually look forward to. Tyler was our instructor and he made the class enjoyable, informative, and taught in a way that would give any student confidence if they ever needed to use their CPR skills. He answered every question with professionalism, giving great examples and a few stories to help us understand how to apply it all in real life situations. I’ve taken many CPR courses, and many of them were people standing up in a room giving one horror story after another about emergency situations. Tyler got to the point, was excellent in the way he gave us the information, taught us some new things and it was an enjoyable afternoon. I feel more confident that I can use my CPR skills if I am the first one on scene. I would highly recommend this class and this company. Thanks CPR Squad!

Connie T. 
San Diego, CA

The CPR Squad has a GREAT training program. Very thorough, informative, and most importantly very affordable. From CPR, to first aid, to even recognizing cardiac arrest, they have it all. The instructors are kind and incredibly patient. My entire experience was positive and actually really fun! I mean, how often can you can say you’ve had “fun” taking a CPR class?? The CPR Squad takes pride in making this a memorable and enjoyable learning experience.  I would highly recommend The CPR Squad to anyone and everyone. Accidents happen, and there’s no better feeling than knowing you have the knowledge and ability to help save a life.

Maryla M. 
Mission Viejo, CA

Everyone should know CPR. Just took a course with the whole family. Very informative, instructor made it fun and put everyone at ease. They came to our house and now the entire family can perform CPR. Definitely recommend the CPR Squad.

David L. 
San Marcos, CA

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